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Rose gold first made its way onto the jewelry scene in Russia in the 1800s. Originally it was called Russian gold however once it was embraced by the rest of the world the name became Rose gold. Rose gold has consistently been a favorite metal among jewelers and was originally used by the iconic Russian jewelry firm, House of Fabergé. Today we see Rose gold used everywhere from jewelry to hardware to furniture design to clothing, makeup, and of course the many popular Apple products adorned in Rose gold. It is safe to say that this metal is having a major moment! However, when it comes to jewelry there are many reasons why rose gold has and will continue to stand the test of time. Rose gold’s soft and luxurious hue plays very well with others. It is a great way to merge multiple gold tones together, it really fills the gap between white gold and yellow gold. One example of its incredible versatility is the iconic Cartier Trinity ring, combining all three colors of gold which melt beautifully together, this particular ring has been a status statement since the 1920s. 

Another reason for rose gold’s popularity is that it pairs well with many types of gemstones. It looks gorgeous when set with aquamarine, emeralds, and moonstones just to name a few and of course, it looks stunning with both white and black diamonds. Rose gold looks incredible on all skin tones as opposed to white gold which often gets washed out on those with paler skin. There is rarely a case where rose gold doesn’t look beautiful! We love that rose gold can be very decadent and luxurious but also can take on a less formal bohemian vibe when set or mixed more casually. Nobody can argue that rose gold has taken over Hollywood for the past few years and is certainly the most sought-after gold color for today’s fashionistas although it certainly has always had a place in high fashion and will no doubt be a staple in many jewelry collections forever!


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