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Tara and Sally

SALT. Sparks flew as soon as these ladies met.  2200 miles separated Tara and Sally until 2015. Sally was born and raised in Los Angeles and Tara had just returned to Toronto after living in New York and London for 20 years. Over their first cup of coffee together, they instantly knew that this was a match made in jewelry heaven. Both women, reside in Toronto currently however, they make frequent trips to Los Angeles. Their collection is made to order and curated between Toronto and LA.





The name SALT. came after a lot of thought. It stands literally for SAL(Sally)T(Tara) however, what the women really loved about the mashup is what SALT. represents. Salt is essential for life, it purifies, and it preserves. In many cultures, salt has often been symbolic in keeping evil and negativity away. Finally, both salt and diamonds are minerals which have been highly valued since the beginning of time.

Welcome to our collection...SALT. XO Sally and Tara



Sally was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a young child, Sally and her sister grew up immersed in the famous L.A. Jewelry District. Her father is an expert gold leaf lettering artist who created ornate signage for the jewelry stores in the old art deco buildings. If you go for a visit you will still be able to see her father’s early work on the storefront windows. This is where Sally learned about the craft of jewelry making and the art of creating beautiful things out of precious metal and gemstones. She attended UCLA where she studied microbiology and genetics. Sally now resides in Toronto with her husband and three young children, but will always be an L.A. beach girl!




Tara was born and raised in Toronto. She studied design at the New York School of Interior Design in NYC. Tara has always had a passion for all things beautiful. Tara loved playing in her mother’s jewelry box as a child, stacking rings and grouping necklaces. After living in New York and London for 20 years she returned to Toronto in 2013. Tara and her husband are the parents to two sets of twin boys and after too many years of all thing boys, it was time to get back to her feminine passion of design. Tara loves seeking out the very best in quality thus SALT has all of their pieces made in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Italy. We hope you love wearing it as much as we love creating it!